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A Metaphor

I had to staff a big rich person fundraiser recently, complete with a famous speaker and a roped-off VIP section right in front of the stage. My job at this big rich person fundraiser was to stand in front of the VIP section and make sure that no one tried to sneak under the rope or push it forward. The donors in attendance were not terribly pleased with being asked to please step back, don’t crowd the rope, we need to make sure that there’s enough room there, excuse me ma’am, please step back from the rope, we’re trying not to crowd the area, thank you. And as I was talking about this with my trusty fellow Sewer Socialist, he said “Let’s be real. People aren’t mad that there’s a VIP section. They’re mad that they aren’t in the VIP section.”

The VIP section is why we don’t call ourselves liberals. Liberalism is the idea that the VIP section should be bigger, and it should be easier to get into. But no matter how easy it is to get in there, there will always three men telling people to step back and stop crowding the rope, or to stay out of the building in the first place. Sewer socialism, economic democracy, is the idea that access to the event shouldn’t be based on your money in the first place.


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