Out Of The Sewer

Well, you’ve found your way to the home of the Sewer Socialists, two Midwestern guys who write about things. Don’t let the S-word fool you, though. We’re more interested in grappling with real political problems than debating reification. If you’re looking for a discussion of dialectical materialism or the Frankfurt School’s theories of language, you are in the wrong place. One of the reasons we’re writing this is because the left has a very well-documented history of paralyzing itself by bickering over rhetoric and ideology, and then losing. We’ve got no time for that shit. If you want to talk about post-structuralism or call us revisionists, go to r/communism. If we wanted to get yelled at by a bunch of Stalinists, we’d post a comment about Edward Snowden on RT.com.

So what does this blog write about? Politics, culture, race, language, probably professional sports.  The thing is, there’s a growing sense in the United States that something isn’t working.  Like, just to pick a few examples, the economy, the schools, the prisons, the government, and everything fucking else.  And in case you’ve just arrived in a DeLorean from 1995 the government isn’t doing anything about any of these problems. Also, if that’s the case, we should probably get you up to speed: there is a massive, easily-accessible network of all the information and entertainment ever recorded, grunge is dead, and Cleveland sports are somehow even more depressing..  Friends is off the air now, though, so not everything sucks.

But the reason we’re writing this blog is that if we look back in American history, we’re reminded of an ideology that’s mostly been forgotten outside of a second-level Midwestern city that probably made one of the beers in your fridge. The ideology was called Sewer Socialism and it actually started out as something of a joke.  Essentially, Milwaukee was the only big city in the country that ever had card-carrying socialists running the town, and they did a pretty damned good job of it.  They also apparently never shut up about the awesome public sewer system they put in, and the nickname stuck.  Sadly, socialism didn’t, despite what you may have heard.

What exactly we mean by “socialism” could be a whole other blog. But we want to avoid getting too caught up in it, because fights about definitions and labels have been the curse of the left since ever.  See, since socialism has become the kiss of death in political discourse, it has pretty much retreated into academia in the United States.  Now, that’s great if you want to build a tenure position on your thesis critiquing Jurgen Habermas, less good if you want to accomplish, well, literally anything of substance. But again, we don’t have time for that shit. Academia aside, we think there’s still value in that pragmatic, realistic, down-to-earth version of socialism that did so much for our home city.

So that’s what we’re here to write about. We’re not experts, and we don’t pretend to be. We just think that the government and the economy should work for us. We think that everyone—really and truly everyone—should have a say in how their society, economy, and government are run. And we think that our focus must always be on finding real solutions to real problems, and making them really work. Otherwise, what’s the fucking point?  We can write academic treatises all we like, but socialism, Sewer Socialism, was about getting things done.  So let’s get to it.



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